THE ENEMY STALKS by Betty Sullivan La Pierre 
E-Pub2000  --  2000
ISBN: 0967907632  --  E-book, diskette
Suspense / Thriller

Reviewed by Jo Rogers,

"THE ENEMY STALKS" is the first book in a series featuring retired spy Tom Casey, also known as Hawkman to his neighbors at Copco Lake.  He got the name nursing injured birds of prey back to health, and his neighbors bring him every injured bird they find.  Hawkman is a tough, yet gentle man, who loves the outdoors, and is an endearing character you learn to love right away.

One of those neighbors is a lovely young widow named Jennifer Morgan.  She shares his love of the outdoors and the birds.  She is as lovable as Hawkman, and she would like to share more of his life. But Hawkman has an enemy that wants him dead. In fact, that enemy is willing to hire killers to do Hawkman in.  But then they also begin to threaten Jennifer; and she isn't as tough as Hawkman.  She doesn't want to be a victim of Hawkman's past, but she refuses to leave him to face his enemy alone.  Can they unmask the killer before he kills either or both of them? 

"THE ENEMY STALKS" is a riveting story, and an auspicious beginning for the series.  It lets you feel what it is to be
stalked and shot at, to be scared every waking moment, and to be afraid to sleep.  It makes you jump every time the phone rings, and you definitely want to lock your doors and windows and pull the blinds and drapes.  But it is such fun to read, even if you do end up sleeping with the lights on and a gun by your bed!

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