FADE TO BLACK by Wendy Corsi Staub
Pinnacle Books - August 1999
ISBN: 0786006528 - Paperbacks

Reviewed by Pam Stone, MyShelf.com
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Mallory Eden, a famous actress, disappears to a sleepy village in Windmere Cove, Rhode Island, where she becomes Elizabeth Baxter, a loner who keeps to herself for fear that the stalker that made her run away 5-years ago would find her. One day Elizabeth finds a pink envelope in her mailbox that turns her world upside down; the note inside says I KNOW WHO YOU ARE .  Elizabeth finds solace in the arms of Harper Smith, the only person she has allowed to get close to her, but can Harper be trusted?

FADE TO BLACK is a great mystery that is well written, filled with suspense, wondering, and heart racing excitement that keeps you guessing until the climatic final act. The characters are very thought out and a wee bit strange, except Elizabeth, who I found to be an interesting and sympathetic character whose only desire is to have her life bank and feel safe in it.

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