FATAL LEGACY  by Elizabeth Corley 
A Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Fenwick Mystery 
Headline 2000 
ISBN: 0747261075 Paperback
Police / Detective - British

Reviewed by Tom Walcher, MyShelf.com
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The managing director of Wainwright Enterprises, Alan Wainwright, is found dead in his car, apparently the victim of a suicide though the reader knows that he was murdered. At the reading of the will, the bulk of his estate and control of the business is left to his nephew Alex to the horror of the other relatives including Alan's son Graham and Alan's sister Julia. Graham decides to investigate Alex and his wife Sally to discover why Alex was given the legacy. 

 DCI Andrew Fenwick is called in because of Graham contacting the Assistant Chief Constable about his suspicions. The ACC dislikes Fenwick and is always trying to embarrass him. Fenwick looks into the matter and can find no evidence to contradict the finding of a suicide. Later, one of the firm's accountants is found murdered and Fenwick feels that the two crimes are linked. 

This is the second book of the series and I enjoyed it as much as Corley's first book Requiem Mass. Fenwick is an interesting character. He is a single parent with two children, a boy and a girl. His wife had emotional problems and tried to commit suicide and ended up in a coma. So the reader is dealing with a man who must balance his personal life and his police work. I am looking forward to Corley's next book. 

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