Warner Books - Jan. 2001
ISBN: 0446527289 - Hardcover

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer,
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     Michael Garrick thinks life is going great. He has a job with the White House and he is dating the daughter of the President. Unfortunately for him, dating Nora only ensnares Michael into a web of deceit. On their date, Nora and Michael witness something they shouldn't have. There is no way for Michael to tell anyone about it, so he just tries to forget it.

This becomes impossible when a murder takes place. As much as Michael tries to deny it, he eventually comes to the conclusion this murder has to be connected to the blackmail drop he witnessed. While the blackmail isn't such a shock since it is Washington, the person dropping it is. Michael knows this could be the collapse of the whole presidential party if this news gets out. 

When Michael realizes he is being framed, it is only a matter of time before this situation comes to a head!

I enjoyed this book although not as much as Meltzer's other two books. 
While the action was good, all the details he put in about the White House bogged it down. What really made the book special, were the characters. Although Nora is unstable, it is interesting to see what she is going to do next. I believe the smartest thing Meltzer did was to include the scenes which included Michael's' father. It added a much needed dose of humanity. It gave Michael a depth and I was able to appreciate Michael's character much more. I definitely recommend reading this book for the great insight to the White House and it's players.

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