PublishAmerica, Inc - October 2000
ISBN: 1588519503 - Paperback
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,
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Mr. Young's murderless mystery The Five Star Detour is a cozy type read similarly written in the classic style of the Wodehouse British mysteries. The setting is present day, but the characters, dialect, and the manor house in the country have an almost 20s-like British flair. As the story moves, the conversation flows effortlessly, and the plot becomes more complex as it elicits a chuckle here and there. I must warn you, don't try to hurry thorough it or let your mind wonder while reading, because if you miss one paragraph or one sentence, you will have missed too much. That's how intricate Mr. Young has written this lighthearted caper.

John Hathaway is a freelance courier on his way to becoming a chief snoop. Congressman George needs a package delivered to a former campaign contributor in Maine and his nephew is the one for the job. John isn't happy with the idea, but when a new love interest with a jealous boyfriend named Walter has him ducking for cover, he's glad to have a place to run. John and the infamous package begin their journey on a very eventful train ride to Maine with too many bodyguards, a possible hitman, some interesting imposters, and maybe even Walter; all having the same destination - Rangeley Manor. Once at the manor, the secrecy and suspicion continues with things becoming more violent and dangerous for the owner, Sir Roger, and his guests. While helping his old friend, Ditters out with his fiancé and her father, Sir Roger, John also tries to find out who is willing to harm or even kill for the package he is carrying and why?

Readers can expect plenty of misunderstandings, misnomers, and misses in general that lead to some very entertaining slapstick. Humorous. Unforgettable. You'll love it.

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