FLINCH by Robert Ferrigno
Pantheon -
ISBN: 0375401253 - Hardcover
Language, Sex, Violence

Reviewed by Susan McBride, MyShelf.Com
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Robert Ferrigno, author of THE HORSE LATITUDES, uses the interesting title of
FLINCH for his sixth novel. Though apparent serial killings by someone called "The Eggman" are the supposedly at the heart here, the real theme underlying the work is the games people play. Usually dirty games. Jimmy Gage is a tabloid writer, caught up in the murders because of a letter sent to him by the purported killer, though no one seems willing to listen. In the meantime, he's got a friend named Rolla who's in trouble with some nasty folks, an ex-lover now married to his cold-hearted plastic surgeon brother, and a female detective who can't seem to decide if he's trustworthy or not.

The story runs like a Hollywood screenplay with lots of action and visual descriptions of crime scene Polaroids, murders and assorted foul play. FLINCH is a macho tale with lots of blood and sex (or at least sex talk). And, though I found the novel entertaining in a fast food kind of way, it lacked the ingredients I appreciate most in good fiction: subtlety and finesse.


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