1st Books Library Jan 2001
ISBN: 1588209636 -Trade Paperback and eBook (PDF)
Suspense / Thriller

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer,
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When Marine Sgt. Simon Linn was arrested for the murder of Paul Charma a Navy Seal, JAG lawyer, Lieutenant Commander Faydra Green was assigned the case. She had never handled a homicide case before. As her investigation progressed she found witnesses not who they seemed to be; records missing; the victim's body claimed by a non-existent officer after which the body vanished. Faydra is convinced that there is a cover-up by the military, that she had been selected because they didn't want the case solved. She is sent to Korea to participate in an inquiry about the sinking of a Navy frigate by the North Koreans. She is caught in international intrigues and dirty tricks and almost loses her life in her efforts to stop the conflict between three nations. 

This first novel is an outstanding story, full of intrigue and suspense. The dialogue is crisp and succinct. The characters are well drawn; resembling real people with human frailties and problems. The action is fast moving. The story is believable and timely as today's news. This is an auspicious beginning.

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