GARGOYLES by Alan Nayes
Forge - August 2001
ISBN: 0765300109 - Hardcover
Medical Thriller

Reviewed by Erina,
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Amoreena Daniels is a young and intelligent pre-med student with potential for a brilliant career in medicine. The only problem is that Amoreena needs money, and lots of it - fast. Her mother is dying of cancer but a promising new therapy gives Amoreena the hope of helping her mother's condition. The only catch is that the therapy comes with a price tag of $30,000. The insurance money has run out and Amoreena's broke. When a women's clinic offers what is an apparently perfect opportunity to make $50,000, Amoreena accepts. All she needs to do is become a surrogate mother. It's only when strange things start happening to the baby she's carrying that Amoreena begins to realize she may have made a deadly mistake. As she starts to investigate the clinic, she uncovers a bizarre and dangerous enterprise of biomedical experimentation that quickly plunges her into a living nightmare.

With crisp dialogue and an imaginative plot, Nayes has written a novel that will delight readers who are already fans of medial thrillers and convert those who aren't. By creating an intricate plot with plenty of twists and turns, Nayes will enthrall you with a suspenseful and unpredictable novel. Each chapter will bring you deeper into a frightening world ruled by those who use the power of medicine for the wrong reasons - a world that may very well become our own in the near future. This exploration of the terrors of genetic engineering is an intense, psychologically driven read that will thrill and horrify readers with the possibility of science overpowering and defining humanity.

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