Generals' Row by Margie and Amanda Smoak
Top Publications - August 2, 2001
ISBN: 1929976097 -
Adult Mystery - Paperback

Reviewed by Amy Mehta,
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Generals' Row is a quick whodunit about a murder in one of the historic Generals' Row houses at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. Nothing big has ever happened in the small town, at least not in the year that Maggie Gibson and her small family have been living there, but then Chloe, the gorgeous daughter of the (surprise, surprise!) general and his pretty and popular wife Honey, is found dead in their kitchen. She has been stabbed to death, and the police have already arrested the prime suspect.

This book tells the story of Maggie, her two irrepressible daughters and their constant antics, her little blind dog, McDougal, and her adventures with thrill-seeking and overly dramatic Kat, her best friend for as many years as she can remember. The pair decides to solve the mystery, as they feel the wrong person has been detained.

The plot has a lot of the usual twists and turns, but the ending does not disappoint. The dialogue is so realistic that it reads like an autobiography. The main characters are so joyful that you can just tell that the mother and daughter team of Margie and Amanda Smoak had a great time writing this story. There is a real sense of fun throughout the book.

This book has something for everyone. Whether or not you read mysteries, if you enjoy good fiction, you will like this book. Here's to the next release by this talented pair. I am ready for the sequel!


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