Graven Images by Nancy Mehl
AmErica House - October 2001
ISBN: 1588515958 - Paperback
Mystery / Police Procedural

Reviewed by Jo Rogers, MyShelf.Com
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Cally Jo McAllister is a police artist with a unique gift for working with crime victims to draw the perfect image of the perpetrators of the crimes. She first discovered this gift when she was seven years old and undergoing therapy with Lily Sinclair. It was in these counseling sessions that Cally remembered and drew the face of the man who had murdered her mother, Jo Ann.

With Cally's testimony, Albert Boone, the church custodian who had a crush on Jo Ann, was convicted of her murder and later died in prison. When he died, the nightmares that had plagued Cally disappeared, and she knew the past was behind her. It remained there until the dreams came back. Why had they come back after all these years? Had her work with the police triggered them? Or was it the study of the interpretation of dreams in her psych class that did it? One thing was certain; her mother's killer was dead - or was he? Had she drawn the right face?

GRAVEN IMAGES is an absorbing mystery about love, betrayal and murder. Not even having the flu and a 104 temperature could make me put this book down! The characters were realistically portrayed, and the plot was frighteningly all-too-possible. It is chilling to know that many secrets are hidden behind the veil of church membership. Though the characters here practice the Christian faith, this could happen in any church.

GRAVEN IMAGES is also about two Christians, a child and her father, who are the victims of a tragedy, and how they handle, or mishandle, the aftermath. It is a story of misplaced trust, misunderstood reactions, and the havoc they reap on the lives of both characters. Enjoy a great read!

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