A Danny O'Flaherty Mystery, No. 3 

By Jonathan Harrington 
Write Way Publishing  - Feb 2001 
ISBN: 1885173938 – Hardcover

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth


Reviewed by: Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Recently returned from Ireland Danny O'Flaherty attends the St. Patrick's Day parade at the urging of Fidelma Muldoon.  He witnesses an attack on Grand Marshall Fintan Conway, a controversial columnist. When Conway dies, Danny's friend, Brendan Grady, is blamed for the killing. In his attempts to find the real murderer, Danny is pursued by a mysterious Mercedes, is not believed by the detective in charge, and is frustrated by Brendan's refusal to talk.  His study of the columnist's past uncovers many contradictions in Conway's life and leads to a connection to the woman he once loved who is now the mother of one of his disturbed students. The resolution of the case challenges Danny’s priorities and loyalties.


There is a wealth of information about Ireland, its present and past political situation., its history and people. This blended in the flow of the story without interrupting the story itself.  I found this information interesting and felt it contributed to understanding the story. The description of the St. Patrick's Day parade was truly graphic as was its history and the manner in which its traditions have been destroyed by drunken brawls and protests. The plot is believable; the characters real especially Danny a caring dedicated teacher; the action swift; the writing clear and concise. This is the third of this series.  I would hope to read more of this high school teacher/sleuth in the future.

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