HANGING HANNAH  by Evan Marshall
Jane Stuart and Winky Mystery, No. 2
Kensington May 2000
ISBN: 1575665506 - Hardcover
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.com
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HANGING HANNAH is the second mystery in this enjoyable series. Our sleuth is Jane Stuart. She is a sensitive widow and mother of one. She is also a literary agent, which adds some interesting elements to the story for those who love to learn more about the book business. Winky is her cat. She helps Jane to solve mysteries in the most unusual ways. 

During a birthday party Jane is throwing for her son, there is a gruesome discovery. When the mystery begins, everyone reminds Jane that she is the new Miss Marple and expects her to get involved. One of the perks for getting involved is meeting a handsome returning detective. Jane juggles her job as parent, friend, agent and sleuth with more grace than she realizes. She is a strong, nonsense character surrounded by other well developed and yet to be developed secondary characters. 

I enjoyed this cozy so much I plan to follow the series in the future. Besides some terrific series characters, the mystery itself was fascinating. It blended in with Jane and other characters lives without loosing ground. It took a turn or two that I wasn't expecting and the ending was a remarkable surprise. 

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