HAT TRICK by Louise Crawford
Hard Shell Word Factory - July 1999
ISBN: 1582001197 - eBook
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Sue Johnson, MyShelf.com
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Blaize McCue was just getting over an attack by a knife-wielding maniac and has moved in with Stephanos Zoloski, her handsome detective lover. Her business as a clinical psychologist was going well. Her life was good. Until she stumbles across a body wrapped in a black satin sheet on her early morning run with Stephanos. The body has been made harder to identify with the removal of the victim's teeth and hands.

She would like to report the body and just walk away but all too soon she realizes the body is the male lover of her dearest friend Lon. Lon has been there for her many times and now she feels she should be there for him, even if it means alienating Stephanos, the man she is deeply in love with. Before Lon is arrested he asks Blaize to find out who killed his lover and extracts a promise she feels bound to keep. This soon puts her in a multitude of danger. There are swarthy Middle Eastern Men, strange phone messages, the FBI and the DEA and last but not least, Stephanos, who feels she is interfering in his investigation. Blaize braves all of this to bring the real murder to justice and free her true friend. But what will the end cost be?

This book was a great read. The plot was well thought and the action moved swiftly, not giving the reader time to get bored. The character Blaize was a likable heroine that had some slight personality flaws that made her all the more real.

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