HAVE NO MERCY by Bobby Ruble
American Book Publishing - November 2001
ISBN: 930586086 - Paperback
for explicit content

Reviewed by Nancy Mehl, MyShelf.com
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Renalda Davies, nicknamed Rennie, is the only child of a successful, best-selling author. When her famous father died, he left her a fortune, but Rennie's life is anything but glamorous. Love seems to be a distant dream until she meets a charming waiter at a local coffeehouse. Matthew Lain is handsome, charismatic, and definitely ambitious. His interest in Rennie seems to be genuine - but so is his desire to start his own string of coffeehouses.

As their marriage becomes colder, Rennie's problems escalate. She contacts a psychiatrist, Dr. David Epstien, hoping he can help her with her weight problem, her smoking, and her marriage. David's wife, Ann, is looking for a job - and Matt is looking for an employee. The match seems to be made in heaven - but the combination opens the gates of hell, involving everyone in a fatal storm of betrayal.

HAVE NO MERCY is a chilling look into the minds of people who will do anything to achieve their goals. It has twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Even though there were point-of-view changes in many scenes, and the dialogue could have been a little smoother, this novel is definitely worth the time you will spend putting everything else aside - because you just can't walk away from this intriguing story.

I hope Mr. Ruble is already at work at his next novel. He is a masterful storyteller!

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