HOLY TERRORS by Mary Daheim 
Morrow, William and Co. - March 1992
ISBN 0380762978 - paperback
Cozy / Easter Mystery

Reviewed by Sue Bartroff, MyShelf.com
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 This is the third in a series of eleven (so far) bed and breakfast mysteries starring the intrepid Judith McManigle and her cousin Renie.  Also present in a supporting capacity is Joe Flynn, Judith's former boyfriend, an homicide detective on the Seattle police force.  These are wonderfully funny, rollicking tales set in the Heraldsgate (actually Queen Anne) neighborhood at the B&B owned by Judith. 

This one begins with a catered pre-Easter brunch at The Star of the Sea Catholic Church where one of the local society mavens is stabbed by  the Easter Bunny, or at least someone six feet tall dressed in a bright pink bunny suit.  Judith is curious about a few things and while investigating gets closer to the killer than she might have liked.  Along the way to solving the murder, she keeps the strange guests at her B&B happy, caters to her irascible mother who lives with h er, placates the maid who believes the sinful world is coming to an end and wonders about lost opportunities with Joe, whom she still loves. 

Mary Daheim has written more than one series, all of them well crafted and tremendously fun.

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