Deadly Alibi Press - 2001
ISBN: 1886199124 - Paperback
Amateur Sleuth - Cozy type Mystery

Reviewed by Jen Oliver,
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HOWLING BLOODY MURDER is a cute little story about Elsie MacBean (Beanie) and her loving companion, a basset hound named Cruiser. This story takes place near Lake Tahoe where Beanie and Cruiser come upon some murdered corpses. These corpses belong to some head business CEOs and other company heads that are trying to take over part of the Washoe Indians sacred ground. With Cruiser at her side, Beanie sets out to help the local police solve the mystery.

This story focused a lot on the relationship between Beanie and Cruiser. It also focused on Beanie, Cruiser and their interactions with the locals and Beanie's daughter. The descriptions were very good and allowed the reader to picture Cruiser's antics and smile. The descriptions of the surrounding areas, such as the trailing areas, were excellent and helped tell the story.

There was not a lot focused on the mystery of the murders and what role everyone, that was involved, played.

Overall, the story was cute and was a quick read. It made me wish that I had a dog, especially one like Cruiser. If you want a relaxing read, then this is the book.

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