ICED by Jenny Siler 
Henry Holt -  Jan. 2001 
ISBN: 085064389 

Reviewed by Pam Stone,
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ICED takes place in Missoula Montana, where Meg Gardner an ex- con turned repo woman, is trying to get her life together. Meg has to repo a jeep belonging to Clay Bennett, the same Clay Bennett that was just found dead. Meg figures that it will be easy to get the jeep back, but once she has it back the trouble starts. Someone else wants 
the jeep, next thing you know Meg is drawn into a murder mystery involving sex and violence. As Meg tries to solve the mystery she must deal with her own ghosts from her past as well as deal with Russian thugs and Tina Red Dear, a Native American woman who could very well be her half sister. 
 I thought that ICED was well written but left me with to many unanswered questions about Megs past. The mystery involving Clay Bennett was top-notch with plenty of suspense. Meg is a protagonist that really wants to be left alone to live her life low- key with coffee, cigarettes, beer, and burgers in that order. 

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