A Lighthouse Inn Mystery
Berkley Prime Time - June 2001
ISBN: 0425180026 - Paperback
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer,
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Alex Winston is innkeeper of the Hatteras West Inn, located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Inn is an exact replica of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Alex is struggling to keep the Inn open. He has only a few guests, among them: Reginald
Wellington, a regular visitor accompanied by his son, Junior; Barb Matthews, a perpetual complainer; Emma Sturbridge, a rock hound; and Joel Grandy, a widower.

When Reginald is found stabbed to death on the top floor of the lighthouse, Alex is determined to find the murderer of his old friend, doubting the sheriff's ability to solve the crime. Then Emma is injured in an isolated area. Alex feels there is a connection between the two incidents but can find no reason. When the inn is torched he suspects Finster, the local real estate agent who has been pressuring him to sell the inn. But then Finster is killed in the same manner as Reginald. With the support of his maid, Elise Denton, Alex attempts to eliminate possible suspects before any more incidents occur.

The story is well written. The writing style is readable and smooth. The dialogue is written in a way that sounds conversational. The characters are true to life. There is even a hint of romance. The action is swift; the plot is believable. An added bonus is the atmosphere of the small Blue Ridge Mountain town and its people. An excellent beginning for what will hopefully be a series.

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