ISLAND MURDERS by Wanda Canada
Coastal Carolina Press - July 2001
ISBN: 1928556264 - 
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Sue Johnson,
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Carroll Davenport was making a good life for herself despite her past problems. In just a few short years she had lost first her mother, then father and young husband. Now her construction business in Wilmington, North Carolina is flourishing. She has a good relationship with her partner, who is also her cousin.

All this changes one damp, rainy morning when she discovers a ravaged corpse floating next to her boat dock. After calling the police her family gardener discovers another body in the greenhouse Her beloved cousin and business partner was dead. He was obviously murdered about the same time as the first victim. Things couldn't get much worse but did when an arsonist strikes a house Carroll is building. Her foreman ends up missing and her families' homes are broken into. Yet Carroll has no idea why.

The sheriff is a close family friend and asks one of his acquaintances to help keep an eye on her. Little did Carroll know that her new watchdog was FBI agent Ben Satterwaite. Ben tries to keep everyone safe while Carroll must figure out what she does or does not know that is worth killing over. This book was very well written. Emotions ran high and were so well described that the reader actually feels the pain of losing a friend. This reader could not remember a book that touched them so. It was not necessarily the mystery that held me. The mystery was great but the descriptive phases about the characters and the pain, fear and indignation they experienced was overwhelming.

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