Keepers by Janet LaPierre
A Port Silva Mystery
Perseverance Press - 2001
ISBN: 1880284448 - Trade Paperback
Private Investigator

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer,
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Private investigator Patience Mackellar reluctantly agrees to search for Lily Costello and her 7 year old daughter, Sylvie. Lily's ex-husband, David Simonov, is concerned that he hasn't heard from them since Lily left him to marry Devlin Costello.

With the assistance of her daughter, Verity, who has returned home after an unhappy marriage, she tries to trace Lily and Sylvie. Their search takes them through northern California, its state parks and forests, and to the Lost Coast of California.

Verity traces Sylvie to a reclusive religious commune in the Lost Coast where Sylvie has been left by her mother who has vanished. It is a threatening situation in which Verity is confronted by a dangerous Devlin.

The story is well-written, with a difficult-to-solve mystery. It is full of atmosphere, giving the reader the feel of northern California. The descriptions of the dense woods and the coast transports the reader to the area.

Throughout the story LaPierre develops the relationship between mother and daughter, both strong women who must make concessions to their diverse ways of life. Even the minor characters are well-drawn.

Keepers is a fast-moving, very suspenseful story with an unexpected ending.

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