KEEPING SILENT by Carla Damron
Write Way Publishing Ė 2001
ISBN: 1885173903 Ė Hardcover
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,
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Once I started this heartrending, thought provoking mystery, I couldnít let go. Itís not one I will soon forget.

Sam Knowlesí deaf fiancée Anne is dead. When the police arrive, Sam is alone with the body, there is blood on his shirt, and his artwork is the murder weapon. Despite all this, Caleb believes his deaf brother is innocent. The police think they have their man and refuse to go any further. This angers Caleb and incites him to investigate on his own. Possible suspects lead him in different directions, but the proof eludes him.

Caleb and Sam take the lead and are supported by some sound secondary characters. Caleb comes across as a compassionate therapist. Sam stole my heart. Deaf at sixteen and now a grown man, his deaf characteristics and reactions to the situation are very realistic. The way Ms. Damron describes the drawings that Sam poured his emotions into are so expressive and emotional; it will stay with me for a long time.

On a personal note: Including a deaf character in a story isnít easy. Ms. Damronís adaptation of the deaf is poignant and exact and the deaf communications are consistent throughout. Keeping Silent is one of the better examples of true deaf characterization.

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