KILL HER AGAIN by Albert A. Bell, Jr. 2000
ISBN: 0595129692 - Paperback
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Sue Johnson,
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Corie Foster is a travel writer for an American magazine. She travels to a small Italian town to do an article on an archeological dig being done by an American professor and his students. Almost as soon as she steps of the plane strange things begin to occur. A handsome professor meets her at the plane but she is not impressed. A strange man follows them into town and forces her to forge an unlikely bond with her professor. Soon after her arrival people have the strangest reaction to her appearance. It ranges from fear and awe to downright horror. She soon discovers that a well known Italian Senator is financing the dig. When he was in America he met and married a beautiful young woman who later died. Corie looks exactly like her.

As the story takes many twists and turns through the Italian countryside, Corie and the professor, Michael, discover many strange coincidences. Soon one archaeology student is missing and another is found dead. It appears as if someone will stop at nothing to end the apparent resurrection of the Senator 's late wife. Is it a coincidence that Corie ended up here? Did fate or something much more sinister make the travel arrangements?

The mystery covers a good bit of the Italian countryside as well as the food and customs of the Italian people. The beautiful landscape and great diversity are also touched on. This was a very enjoyable read with plenty of action to keep the reader entranced.

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