LAST STEP by Kathleen Walls
Writers Club Press/ - February 2001
ISBN: 0595170471 - Paperback

Reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson,
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Take a first step 
To a Good Mystery 

I’m not a reader of mysteries.  Does that mean I didn’t like Kathleen Walls new novel, Last Step?  Absolutely not. 

This new page-turner is a great read for a rainy spring evening and for the busy kind of   life we all tend to lead these days. You’ll get to the surprise ending in this short book real fast   — probably in only two relaxing evenings. 

Last Step is one of those titles with some depth.  Because it is a story about a mother who is convinced her drug-addicted daughter has been murdered Last Step evokes the “We came to believe…” passage that all twelve-steppers know.  It is no treatise on any program, though, because it is also a story about a woman who is taking her first step toward independence and toward love. Here we have a tale about how a woman gathers up her strength to follow her convictions and, in doing so finds more strength.  Here we have a story that combines a whodunit with some memorable characters, a little romance and a straight-forward attack at moving a mystery along. For those of you who like to learn a little something as you read, you won’t be disappointed either. 

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