LAZARUS, ARISE by Nicholas Kilmer
Poisoned Pen Press - October 2001
ISBN: 18920809 - Hardcover
Amateur Sleuth Mystery/ Art History

Reviewed by Jo Rogers,
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The story takes place in the Boston area and New York City. It has some rough language, no sex, and what violence is done, is not told as it is being done, but after the fact, and not a gory blow by blow.

LAZARUS, ARISE is Nicholas Kilmer's fourth foray into the field of art history mysteries. I sincerely hope it isn't his last!

The story begins at Boston's Logan airport, where Fred Taylor, a procurer of art for Clayton Reed, is returning from a futile trip to Paris. In the line of disembarking passengers, the man in front of Fred flings both arms into the air and collapses. As he falls, he tosses a rolled newspaper into the air, which Fred catches. Fred eases the man to the floor, noting as he does that the man is elderly looking, and not well dressed. He feels sorry for him. But he goes on his way when the ambulance arrives and takes the paper with him.

When Fred gets to his office, he puts the paper in the trash, until his boss comes in. Then, knowing Reed will enjoy the French-language paper, he fishes it out and gives it to him. A short time later, Reed goes back into Fred's office, glowing with happiness over the artwork Fred has bought for him. But Fred has no idea what he is talking about. Upstairs, Fred finds that, rolled into the paper, is a beautifully painted page from a very old illuminated Bible. Fred immediately sets out to return the page to the old man, only to find out he died at the airport of a stroke. Now, what does he do?

LAZARUS, ARISE is an art lesson in old Bibles, and a lesson in principles. Doing the right thing is good, but how do you know what the right thing is? That question, and Fred's adventures in finding the answer, makes this book a real page-turner. Read and enjoy!

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