THE LESSON OF HER DEATH by Jeffery Wilds Deaver 
Bantam Publishing - Reprint 
ISBN: 0553560204 - Paperback 
Police / Detective 

Reviewed by Sue Johnson,
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This book was first released in 1994 but has since been re-released due to Jeffery Deaver's growing popularity.  Bill Corde is a lieutenant detective for the New Lebanon Police Department. He has come to this small college town to escape some demons from his past. He is called into to investigate the murder of a popular young college student. This students' death soon has the whole town in turmoil. 

Bill has a nine-year-old daughter who is a joyfully imaginative but a learning-disabled child. Her mother has a hard time accepting this and deems her lazy. But Sarah has a happy secret. She has a new friend. One who understands her and ca n help her. He signs his name "The Sunshine Man".  Bill has so many pressures; his past secrets, the investigation, his daughter problems, no time to spend with his wife and son and now the killer has struck again and wants Bill to know that his family is not safe. This book was very involved with fingers pointing in all directions. Just when you felt you had solved one of the many mysteries the author would take another turn and lead you far, far away. 

Although this was a stand-alone book of J. Deaver's I found myself very involved with the characters and sorry to see it end. 


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