LITTLE WHITE LIES by Ron and Janet Benrey 
Broadman & Holman - 2001
ISBN: 0805423710 - Paperback
Cozy Mystery

Reviewed by Mary Lynn,
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Executive Recruiter Pippa Hunnechurch has just landed what may be her biggest assignment: finding a lawyer to serve as chief counsel to a highly successful firm setting up business in Ryde, Maryland.  Realizing she needs help, she seeks the assistance of Marsha Morgan, a renowned "headhunter."  When Marsha produces the perfect candidate, Pippa feels she's made a wise alliance.  That is until Marsha dies and her office is ransacked.  When Marsha's sister, who is also a "headhunter," is killed, Pippa realizes that she has some of the information the killer is seeking.  Then the killer's attention turns to Pippa.  If itís one thing Pippa needs, it's a miracle.  Too bad a personal tragedy years earlier has destroyed her faith in God. 

The Benreys have crafted a credible mystery, as well as what promises to be a tender love story, and the rediscovery of faith in the Lord.  However, I found it difficult to bond with Pippa.  Although fully aware that the killer had killed twice and was now after her, her repeated lies not only to the police, but also to those whose only motive was a desire to keep her safe, left me less than happy to meet her.  Still, I found most of the supporting  cast quite likable and I expect my opinion of Pippa might improve on further acquaintance. 

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