LORD OF THE SILENT by Elizabeth Peters 
Amelia Peabody Series
William Morrow - 2001
ISBN: 0 380 97884 9 - Hard Cover
Historical / Bit of a thriller

Reviewed by Elaine Broome, MyShelf.com
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In 1915 bombs are falling in London and German submarines are prowling Europe's coastline. Do you think the world war will prevent Amelia Peabody and family from traveling to Egypt? Of course not! In Elizabeth Peters' LORD OF THE SILENT, the Emersons set off to Cairo to resume their excavations. It doesn't take long before danger finds them. Fearful for her son Ramses' safety, Amelia conspires with Nefret to pack the couple off to Luxor to investigate tomb robberies.

Before long, the family is set upon from all sides - attacks, abductions, robberies and murders. In short, just another ordinary year for the Emersons! Is one person responsible for all these attacks or have they managed to irritate multiple criminals? Is the real danger in Cairo or in Luxor? Do the attacks have anything to do with Ramses' past undercover work? Elizabeth Peters has a terrific time answering these questions.

LORD OF THE SILENT is a simply wonderful book! Old enemies reappear, as do old friends, with some stunning surprises along the way. After the sweeping scope of HE SHALL THUNDER IN THE SKY, this is a smaller, much more intimate book. Peters gives us a chance to see how the tumultuous events of the past few years have changed her characters. And, they have all changed. We see how the power of love has enabled all to grow and be somehow better than they were.

Amazingly, Amelia never gets stale: each book crackles with life and pulls you along on its wild and exhilarating ride. LORD OF THE SILENT is no exception. There's plenty of laughs and moments of poignancy and sweetness. So, grab your parasol and head out for a great adventure with Amelia and her incredible family.

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