LOVE THY SISTER by Maria Grazia Swan
Gemini Books - 2001
ISBN- Pending, E-Book 
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Mary Lynn,

It's been six years since Mina Calvi left Italy to live with her older sister  Paola in Southern California.  Mina, along with Paola, the owner of West  Coast Software, is living the American dream until things start to go wrong. Her sister's fairy tale marriage is in trouble, as is Mina's romance.  Sarah Fernandez, a West Cost Software employee is killed after she eats a piece of chocolate left on Paola's desk.  Only the victim turns out to be Sarah's sister, Rachel.  Was Paola the intended victim or is she the killer?   Another, more devastating murder follows.  Then Mina begins to get anonymous calls.  Will the police find the murderer before he makes Mina his next victim? 

Ms. Grazia Swan has packed this mystery full of unexpected twists and turns. Just when I thought I knew who'd done it and why, that person became a victim and I was back to wondering who did it.  By the end of the book, I was suspecting nearly every one of everything.  Love Thy Sister is nicely done. 

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