MAHOGANY ROW by Wayne J. Keeley
Fiction Works  - 2000
ISBN: 1581246714 - Paperback
 Suspense / Thriller

Reviewed by Erina Hsu,
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When attorney Mark McCoy walks into his office and finds his boss sitting at his desk with a slashed throat, he knows it's going to be a bad day. Worse yet, everyone seems to think that motive, no alibi, and opportunity makes Mark the perfect suspect. With a persistent detective on his trail and the threat of a murder charge looming before him, Mark sets out to prove his innocence, never anticipating the tempest of chaos he'll release before it's all over. Before long he's a fugitive with a string of leads that drudges up old scandals and betrayals, along with the murky legal dealings of his former law firm. The situation intensifies when it becomes apparent that someone wants Mark dead and silenced forever, no matter what.

Keeley has penned a taut thriller in MAHOGANY ROW, with a clear, concise style of writing that ranges from wry to suspenseful. The addition of an intricate plot, strong characterization, and smooth prose makes this novel a compelling read. The story starts off at full speed and never slows down until the climactic ending, which will leave readers bemused, bewildered and blown away. Fans of legal suspense will feel the adrenaline pumping as Mark takes them on a whirlwind trip around New York City, dodging a ruthless killer while the clock ticks on. This is a book to be read with the doors locked and the phone off the hook; you won't want to miss a word of Keeley’s clever and riveting tale of action and suspense.

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