The Larcom Press - June 2001
ISBN: 0967819938 - Hardback
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Tom Walcher,
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Amy Creighton, who works as a book editor for a New York publisher out of her home in Maine, has stopped at the local lumberyard to bag some sawdust to mulch her strawberry bed. While there, she discovers the body of a young man buried under the sawdust. She teams up with the town constable Dort Adams, who was a close friend of hers while they were growing up, to try to figure out who the young man was and who murdered him.

I was glad to read this first novel by A. Carman Clark. Her two main characters Amy and Dort are people I enjoyed meeting and hope to see again. The only problem is that I wish I could have learned why they broke up when they were young. Hopefully this will be revealed in a future novel.

If you liked Jessica Fletcher and Murder, She Wrote, I think you will like this novel also.

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