Malice in Cornwall by Graham Thomas
An Erskine Powell Mystery, No. 2
Ivy Books
ISBN: 0804116563 - Paperback
British Police Procedural - mature theme

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,
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Graham Thomas lives in British Columbia. Malice in Cornwall is his second mystery; it follows Malice in the Highlands.

The mystery begins with Detective Sergeant William Black (Bill) showing his wife the new talent he has acquired from taking literary classes. Always known for his good memory, Bill has begun uttering literary quotes; his wife finds it irritating. When Bill quotes the Hound of Baskervilles to him concerning their latest case, Chief Superintendent Powell is impressed. Their latest case is a creature resembling the Hound of Baskervilles running amuck in a Cornish fishing village. It's a body, yet it isn't. It's grizzy looking and glows in the dark. It seems to wash up on the beach then disappears. It's all very odd, almost ghostly.

The gentlemen find themselves dealing with an obnoxious Innkeeper, some secretive villagers, and a nosy reporter. Powell, whose wife is in Canada for the summer, takes an interest in the reporter. The lovely lady seems to be willing to work with him as well, as long as she gets her story. As the mystery moves, they discover there is an unsolved mystery from years ago. This leads them to some village secrets and grave danger. As each villager is introduced into the storyline a new suspect arises - a great set up.

The storyline bounces between the gentlemen's personal lives and the mystery. Powell is pretty much your typical Chief Superintendent. He also enjoys Indian cuisine and pretty women. Bill makes a perfect sidekick - continually learning and always entertaining. Although I can't pinpoint any exact spoilers at this moment, I do recommend that readers start with the first in the series. It's well worth it.

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