The Mark of the Werewolf by A.B. Wallace
AmErica House - June 2001
ISBN: 1588519260 - Paperback
Supernatural Mystery explicit content

Reviewed by Sue Johnson,
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Imagine the shock of New York police detective O'Keif when an attractive young woman named Jenny Costa, approaches him about fighting werewolves? Even greater is his shock when she insists that he is also a werewolf hybrid and must now fight for his life?

Soon he is confronted with werewolves belonging to a pack led by Morgan Montivaile, a rich hotel owner. In his fight for survival another powerful werewolf known as Lukrusian steps in. What follows is a fight for survival and dominance among New York City's werewolf population; a population that O'Keif did not even believe existed.

This novel, a first for A.B. Wallace is a tautly written story with fast-moving dialogue that carries the reader headlong from one amazing and horrifying scene to another. This book is definitely not for the faint of heart.

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