Epic Press - May, 2001
ISBN 0970872208 - Hardcover

Reviewed by Susan McBride,
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Take one part Dick Francis and stir in another part Elmore Leonard, and you'll get an idea of what Philip Reed's new novel, THE MARQUIS DE FRAUD, has in store.  A caper that involves stolen money and horses, not to mention revenge and murder, there's plenty of meat here for fans of medium-boiled mysteries.

A down and out horse trainer named Cliff Dante is mulling over how to pay of his debts and get back his wife when a friend named Dan Van Berg introduces him to Malcolm M. Ravling.  Ravling seems to be a real go-getter, a man who's made millions for himself--and apparently for others.  His mild manners and Scottish accent only add to his image as a bon vivant.  So Cliff puts his future into Malcolm's hands.  Before he knows it, his palms turn up empty and Malcolm's gone.

Determined to recover what's rightfully his--including a two-year-old thoroughbred that was his last chance at redemption--Cliff goes after Malcolm, wanting more than his money.  The plot moves along at a fast clip, from the racetracks of Santa Ana to the back streets of Glasgow. 

For readers game for a rambunctious ride, THE MARQUIS DE FRAUD is a sure bet.

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