Mauve and Murder by Barbara Burnett Smith
Five Star Books - August 2000
ISBN: 0786226900 - Paperback
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer,
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Cassie Ferris loves her job as a radio disc-jockey and would love it even more if her cohost, Roger Weber, had an ounce of courtesy in his whole body. He makes it his job to ridicule her on-air and treats her like a servant off the air. So Cassie is not looking forward to seeing him on a Friday night for a work function. The event is a promotional tool to get the "Happy Twosomes" dating service a little attention and, hopefully, clients.

After Cassie's horribly messy divorce, attending the affair is not something she even wants to consider. But a job is a job, and she knows she must go. Once there, the party turns out to be even worse than she thought. Her daughter, Jenny, hired to serve at the bash, manages to get into a huge fight with Roger Weber. When Roger's body is found hours later, the police have a clear suspect in mind: Jenny! Cassie knows the police have it all wrong and intends to do something about it. Unfortunately, Roger's killer would rather Cassie minded her own business, and Cassie soon realizes she's put both her and her daughter's lives on the line.

Mauve and Murder is a new direction for Burnett Smith as she takes a break from her beloved Jolie Wyatt series. While there are many wonderful things about this book, it is the evolution of Cassie's character that makes it rise above the average mystery novel. The change that takes place in Cassie is wonderfully written and not just a gimmick. Cassie takes everything to heart. Instead of coming off as a simpering whiner, Burnett Smith makes Cassie into a woman you would want fighting on your side. I also liked the way Cassie was given flaws that made her a stronger person. This book never lost my attention. Cassie Ferris is a character worth rooting for and Barbara Burnett Smith is an author worth watching! I highly recommend this book.

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