MERIDIAN by Andrew Ceroni
Writers Club Press/iUniverse - 2000
ISBN: 0595135196 - Paperback
Suspense / Spy Thriller / Historical

Reviewed by Jo Rogers,
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The story takes place in Germany, Washington D.C., Denver and Quebec, with memories of Budapest. Though there is no sexual content of import, there is a lot of violence and foul language. The story is set in the 1950s and in 1979.

Though MERIDIAN is listed as a mystery, it also has elements of science fiction in it. Andrew Ceroni emphasizes that this is a work of fiction, but it might not appear so to some paranoid, less-than-mentally-stable members of the militia groups. I hope everyone is not fooled. He tells the story so well, but then he also worked for "the Company."

Did you ever wonder from where the wonderful "Stealth" and "Star Wars" technology came? Pete Novak of the CIA is about to find out more than he should know about the subject, more than he wants to know. And he hopes the knowledge will not cost him his life. Four men from the Company, one of whom was retired, have died because they knew too much. But one of the four was a double agent, in contact with a Russian mole, and has leaked the information to this mole.

Unfortunately, the mole, one Lazlo Czgerny, has disappeared from the men who were keeping him under surveillance. It is now Pete's job to plug the leak any way he can. But there is something not quite right about this assignment. J. T. Brannon, former Company assassin, now Pete's personal security guard, smells a rat and tells Pete to watch his back.

MERIDIAN is one of those page-turners you can't bear to put down, not even for food or sleep. It is so chillingly realistic it will give you pause to wonder if it isn't more fact than fiction, despite Mr. Ceroni's avowall.

In the world of spy thrillers, Robert Ludlum was king as long as he lived. If anyone can inherit his crown, it is Andrew Ceroni. Keep your eyes peeled for his work.

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