MESMERIZED by Gayle Lynds 
Pocket Books - May 2001
ISBN 0671024078 - Hardcover
International Thriller

Reviewed by Susan McBride,
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In the genre of spy thrillers, Gayle Lynds is Ian Fleming in a skirt and high heels.  Most recently, she collaborated on THE HADES FACTOR with Robert Ludlum, and now she again proves she can compete with the big boys all on her own in MESMERIZED. 

The story takes an immediate lurch into the fast lane when noted corporate attorney, Beth Covey, undergoes a heart transplant after an undetected cardiac condition nearly kills her.  When Beth starts having odd cravings and eventually learns that her donor was a former KGB agent with a penchant for guns, fast cars, vodka, caviar and martial arts, what does she do?  Why, she shoots, speeds, drinks, eats and kicks butt, of course, when she finds herself sucked into a plot by underground ex-Soviet agents to shake up international politics and restore communism in Mother Russia.

With the help of hunky Jeff Hammond, a reporter for the Washington Post with ties to the FBI, Beth sees the dark side of foreign policy, finds an inner strength she never knew she possessed, and falls in love.  Lynds spins this tale of romance and intrigue like the pro that she is.  Smoothly written and fast-paced, readers will be MESMERIZED from start to finish.

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