A Thomas Purdue Mystery 
Write Way Publishing – 2001
ISBN 1885173512 - Hardback 
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Sue Johnson,
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I must admit I had my mind set on disliking this book from the very start. How interesting could a mystery about antique music boxes be? Well let me tell you… very interesting. 

This book was a page turner from the beginning. The main character is Thomas Purdue, a neurologist in New York City. He is an avid music box collector and restorer. One of his patients who also collects music boxes calls with a bit of a problem. There is a dead body in her living room. 

 The story soon escalates from there. We meet collectors and antique dealers, bums and hit men and all of them are characters of their own. Before the book was a hundred pages old, I cared about these people. The mystery was a nice bonus. This was an educational and entertaining book which I really enjoyed.

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