MIND GAMES by Alan Brudner 
Salvo Press - 2001
ISBN: 1930486200 eBook / Trade Paperback

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer, MyShelf.com

Cliff Lightman is running a race against time. When his son Sky comes home to visit him, Cliff knows something is out of the ordinary. Sky is acting distracted and keeps going off to secret meetings. Cliff doesn't know what to think until Sky's ex-girlfriend calls him asking to meet with him privately. She tells him all about the company that Sky has been working for and expresses concern with Sky's well being. 

Sky works for Cybronics, a big computer engineering company. Since Sky is a genius his boss has him working on top-secret projects that could possibly ruin a lot of people's lives. Although Cliff did know that Sky was working on a highly sensitive project, he never realized the magnitude of the effect it would have on people, most of all his own son. Unfortunately Cliff loses the race along with his son when Sky turns up missing. It is almost as if he has been erased and no one is giving Cliff the answers that he is looking for. When he finally does get some answers, they are worse than anything that he ever could have imagined. 

Mind Games was a very absorbing book. All of the characters were well drawn out and engaging. Although I am completely computer illiterate, Alan Brudner made everything so simple to understand and interesting that I just didn't want to stop reading. The story flows and offers up some very emotional scenes between Cliff and his deceased wife. I really liked how original every aspect of the book was. For a great character driven novel, I recommend Mind Games.

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