More Than You Know by Beth Gutcheon
William Morrow/Harper Collins - 2000
ISBN: 0-688-17403-5 - Hardcover
Paranormal Mystery / Contemporary /
Ghost Story
Location: Maine

Reviewed by Jen Oliver
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If you like haunting ghost stories that take place in small towns, like Dundee, Maine, this is the book for you. Ms. Gutheon does a wonderful of interweaving two different stories, past and present, into a compelling story that keeps you wanting to get to the next page.

Hannah, a present-day resident of Dundee, notices that the town and the house that she lives in is haunted by a strange spirit that she has seen and heard crying and moaning.

When talking with Conary, her first love, and other residents and doing library research, she learns of the tragic story of Sallie, a girl about Hannah's age, and her family. Sallie's mother had to deal with being separated from her family who lived on the mainland and staying with her husband who resided on an island. Hannah learns that her house used to be a schoolhouse that was moved from an island town to Dundee.

The small town setting of Dundee is fundamental in the telling of this ghost story. This story is very interesting and the development of the characters and of the story itself was very well done.