Murder Boogies With Elvis by Anne George
A Southern Sisters Mystery
William Morrow - August 2001
ISBN 0060198702 - Hardback
Mystery / Cozy

Reviewed by Mary Lynn,
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Patricia Anne and Mary Alice, two sixty-something southern sisters who have developed a disturbing habit of stumbling over bodies since Patricia Anne retired from her job as a schoolteacher, attend a fundraiser. Much to their dismay, one of the many dancing Elvis's, suddenly crashes from the stage, practically in their laps; the victim of a vicious, fatal stabbing.

The list of murder suspects seems to be short: who could possibly have killed the victim except one of the two men on either side of him? But when yet another Elvis is attacked and left for dead, the field of suspects widens. Although Patricia Anne faithfully promises not to become involved, she soon finds herself a suspect when the murder weapon suddenly appears in her purse.

Ms. George has one of the most pleasing writing styles I've had the pleasure of reading. She grabbed my interest with the first sentence and rarely lost it after that. I thoroughly enjoyed the easy, humorous manner in which she revealed Patricia Anne's and Mary Alice's personalities. I immediately liked both women and felt as if I'd known them for years.

Murder Boogies with Elvis was not the type of mystery I usually enjoy, where the amateur sleuth matches wits with a killer and comes out on top. Nevertheless, I found this book to be a complete delight. It was an absolutely charming, pleasant read. My only complaint, and an almost inconsequential one: I sometimes had a hard time keeping track of the many characters in the book. Still, I whole heartedly recommend Murder Boogies with Elvis and fully intend to look up the other books in this series.

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