A Bad Hair Day Mystery
Kensington Publishing Corp. - December 2001
ISBN: 1575666871 - Hardcover
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Nancy Mehl,
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Marla Shore isn't really looking for dead bodies but they do manage to keep showing up at the most inconvenient times. A free trial membership to the Perfect Fit Sports Club turns out to be more than she bargained for. Jolene Myers, a customer at Marla's beauty salon, Cut 'N Dye, is found floating in the whirlpool, and Marla finds herself in the middle of a confusing and dangerous cast of characters and motives.

Who murdered Jolene? Could it be Cookie Calcone, the animal rights activist who threatened Jolene shortly before her unfortunate death? And what about the rumors regarding Jolene and Sam Zelman? Were they having an affair? Could Sam's wife, Eloise, be the murderer? The staff at the Sports Club appear to be hiding something, as do several of the citizens of Palm Haven, a small Florida community that certainly seems to have its share of secrets.

Marla launches into tracking down another killer with the same chutzpah seen in her previous two cases featured in the first two novels of THE BAD HAIR DAY MYSTERIES: PERMED TO DEATH and HAIRAISER. Along for the ride again this time is her best friend, Tally, and police Lieutenant Dalton Vail, whose chiseled good looks still make Marla wonder if her fear of intimacy isn't a little overdeveloped.

MURDER BY MANICURE continues a fine series by Nancy J. Cohen. Fast paced and interesting, it is full of rich characters and attention grabbing plot twists. Cohen has developed Marla Shore into an appealing detective to whom readers can easily connect. When it comes to murder, Marla proves the old adage true - Only your hairdresser knows for sure!

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