MURDER ONE by William Bernhardt
Ballantine - April 2001
ISBN: 0345428145 - Hardback
Suspense / Thriller

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer,
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Tulsa police sergeant Joe McNaughton is killed in a gory and sadistic manner. His mistress, Keri Dalcanton, is tried for his murder. Attorney Ben Kincaid defends her and gets her off on a technicality. This enrages the police. They engage in a vendetta against Kincaid and plant evidence so he is charged with conspiracy and murder. In Keri's new trial Kincaid is also on trial. There are many twists in the story which leave the reader guessing until the surprising finale. This is a fast paced, wellwritten legal thriller with lawyers against the police. The court scenes are particularly dramatic and compelling with many startling revelations and unexpected results. The characters are well-drawn, realistic and strong. The reader's interest is held throughout the book; the tension never lessens. A real "page turner".

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