MURDER PAST DUE by D.R. Meredith
A Murder by the Yard Mystery, No. 3
Berkley Prime Crime - 2001
ISBN: 0425178005 - Paperback
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Tom Walcher,
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The Murder by the Yard book group decides to take a break from solving mysteries and create a tour to visit various famous Amarillo murder sites. This included the Gorman estate where twenty years ago a young bride was strangled and her husband, who was suspected of the murder, committed suicide.

After the tour was completed, the husband's grandfather visits the group and asks them to investigate the murder / suicide to determine who actually murdered his grandson's wife.

One thing that I enjoy about the series is that it is told using two viewpoints. One is Megan Clark, who is an assistant reference librarian since she can't find a job performing autopsies on mummies which is what her degree is in. She tends to lead the group in solving mysteries. The other viewpoint is Ryan Stevens, who is in love with Megan even though he acted as a father while Megan was growing up.

After reading one of this series, I feel like I would like to find a book group like this to join.

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