A Rowan Gant Investigation
Willow Tree Press - May 2001
ISBN: 0967822114 - Paperbacks

Reviewed by Pam Stone,
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NEVER BURN A WITCH is the second Rowan Gant Investigation, following HARM NONE.

Someone is running around St Louis with an apostolic way of thinking. They truly believe God is directing their path and that it is their duty to rid the earth of witches.

Brianna Louise Walker took a nosedive off of the sixth story balcony of the Riverfront Hilton handcuffed. The monogram of Christ was carved into her inner thighs by the murderer to purify her because of her profession. The second murder is even more gruesome. 

Rowan Gant is back to help his best friend, police officer Ben Storm, because a serial killer is on the loose, and itís up to them to solve these murders before the next one occurs.

I found NEVER BURN A WITCH to have a very strong plot. It moves along at a fast pace and delivers lots of suspense. M.R. Sellers writes with such graphic descriptions that you feel you are there witnessing it with your own eyes. This is not a read for the faint of heart.

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