Night Crimes by Judith Wolcock Colombo
PublishAmerica, Inc. - March 20, 2001
158851174X - Paperback
Thriller Suspense

Reviewed by Susan Johnson,
By a Copy

Tony Bello is a sergeant for the bike squad in Brooklyn, New York. On a routine training practice, he stumbles upon the body of a homeless man who has apparently frozen to death. What makes this case different is the man has had a good meal and top quality alcohol mixed with a healthy overdose of drugs. He has also died with a contented smile on his face. Word on the street is that the "Death Angel" walks at night and brings a peaceful death to those that truly wish for it.

Lara is Tony's wife a lovely brown-skinned artist from the Caribbean.
Unknown to her or Tony, she has become the target of a psychotic stalker, perhaps from her past. How will Tony deal with the threat to his wife and family and still investigate the serial killings of the man known as "Death Angel"?

Judith Wolcock Columbo does a wonderful job of intermingling these two stories along with the home life of Tony, Lara and their three sons. The uncertainty is the killer, the deviousness of the stalker and the cunning of the victims as they seek to escape. It all makes for a page turning good read.

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