NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH by John Lescroart 
Signet/New American Library, February 2001
ISBN: 0451202856 - Paperback
Suspense / Thriller

Reviewed by Beverly J. Rowe,
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When attorney, Dismas Hardy got a call from the principal of his children's school advising him that Frannie had not picked the children up, he rushed to the school.  His wife had probably just been delayed somehow.  After a terrifying night of trying to locate Frannie, and imagining all kinds of bad scenarios, Diz discovers that she is in jail on a contempt of court charge. It seems that Frannie had appeared before a Grand Jury (without even mentioning her subpoena to Diz!) and had refused to answer some questions about her friend, Ron, who is suspected of killing his wife.

It's true that Diz and Frannie are not as close as they once were. Life's pressures have edged between them somehow.  But why would she go to jail to defend another man?  Frannie is sure that Ron did not kill Bree Beaumont, and if he is arrested for the murder, he will lose custody of his children.

Dismas accepts this reason, and now, he must come up with the real killer in order to get his wife out of jail, and Ron off the hook.... if Ron is innocent.

The suspense just keeps mounting as Diz gets closer to the truth.  And then his house burns, and it looks as if Dismas is going to be charged with arson, and that the DA's office would like nothing better than to see him in jail too. The conflict between them is well developed.

You can count on John Lescroart for a great story, unforgettable characters, and an unexpected, satisfying ending.  Dismas Hardy and Lieutenant Abe Glitsky are realistic, and engaging. Marian Braun is a superior Court Judge that will not tolerate disrespect and the courtroom scenes are electric.  I fluctuated between hating her and loving her. 

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