The One That Got Away by Naomi Rand
Emma Price Series, No. 1
HarperCollins - August 2001
ISBN: 0060199385 - Hardcover
Mystery/ Hardboiled - strong material

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer,
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Everyone knows that it is hard to find a good baby-sitter, one that clicks with the child and parents, and one who is actually responsible. Emma Price has accomplished this difficult task by hiring Bea Castillo. Bea is a fun and caring young woman, who splits her time between school and work. Bea has that rare talent of getting along with everyone she meets. That is why it is such a shock to everyone when Bea is found dead, drowned at Coney Island.

Although the police are looking at it as an accident, Emma knows that that cannot be the situation, as Bea has had a long time phobia about going in the water past her ankles. Emma Price is determined to figure out what has happened to Bea and nothing is going to get in her way. Not even the fact that she has just found out that she is pregnant and her husband has left her. Emma realizes that things could get ugly before they get better ... but that has never stopped her before.

The One That Got Away is suspenseful book that will keep you reading. The action is well paced and never forced. On the other hand, I found Emma to be a character that I could not identify with when she was investigating. Her behavior seemed inappropriate at times, never thinking beyond the moment. It almost seemed as if her logical side disappeared. Other than that, I was impressed with the way that Emma struggled with the knowledge of being pregnant. She did not fall apart nor did she pretend to be happy about the situation she was faced with. I believe that overall, this was a good book and I will read the next in the series.

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