Overkill by Susan McBride
A Maggie Ryan Mystery, No.2 in series
Mayhaven Publishing - October 2001
ISBN: 1878044877 - Paperback
Mystery / Police Procedural

Reviewed by Susan Johnson, MyShelf.com
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Maggie Ryan, a police detective for the Litchfield police department was not having a good day. First she was called out in the middle of the night for a family medical emergency. Her mother, an Alzheimer's patient, has wandered away and been struck by a car. Then upon arrival at work, she and her partner are called out to the scene of a senseless shooting on a special education school bus.

At the scene Maggie discovers the driver seriously wounded and a
17-year-old mentally handicapped girl dead. While investigating these shootings the reader soon comes to realize that Maggie is all too human and is also fighting demons from her own past. As the investigation continues the reader meets many suspects with varied reasons for the young girl's death. There is the father, bereft after he has been excluded from his daughter's life because of an impending divorce; his wife, who seems to have turned to the arms of her wealthy, well known boss; and the boss, a heartless man who wanted to send the girl away, to have more time with her attractive mother.

One clue leads to another, and shocking discoveries are made. This book was a page-turner from the very beginning. The mystery is well paced and drags the reader along by the throat, never letting up until the very last page. I loved it!

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