Paradise Lost by J. A. Jance [review 1]
Joanna Brady series #9
Harper Collins
ISBN; 038097729X - Hardcover
Suspense , Police

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer,

While Joanna Brady was attending the Arizona Sheriff's Convention with her new husband, Butch Dixon, her daughter, Jennifer, goes on a weekend camping trip with the Girl Scouts. Her tent mate is Dora Matthews, neglected pregnant daughter of a single mother who is into drugs.

Dora goads Jennifer into leaving their tent to have an illicit cigarette. They stumble upon the body of a murdered Phoenix heiress. Joanna fears what effect this discovery will have on the two girls. When Dora is found murdered, Joanna thinks the killer is bent on killing the two who discovered the body.

During the investigation into the two deaths there is another murder. Brady and her detectives have three murders and must find whether there is any connection.

There are many twists and turns with an unexpected conclusion. It is a well-plotted story, rapid moving, with fast action. The characters are well developed with very human emotions and problems. The reader is given a close look at the workings of the sheriff's department and its problems. The descriptions of the Arizona Country and climate are excellent.

This is the ninth in the Joanna Brady series and there are numerous references to past events and characters. Having read the previous would add to the understanding and enjoyment of this book, but this is an excellent story which can stand alone.

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