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James Warwick (Narrator)
ISBN: 0886466024 - Audio Cassette
Cozy Mystery

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,
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DH Audio presents two mysteries by Agatha Christie. Average readers know of Christie’s other sleuths, Poirot and Marple, but most are not aware of the husband and wife team, Tommy and Tuppence Bereford. They run the International Detective Agency, also known to some as Blunt’s Brilliant Detectives, an agency that promises to solve cases within 24 hours and proudly takes pointers from other famous sleuths. In The Affair of the Pink Pearl Tommy takes notes from Throndyke and in Finessing the King Tuppence wants to be like McCarty.

The Affair of the Pink Pearl
While Tommy is honing up his Throndyke skills with a new camera, Albert the office boy announces a new client. A young girl is sent by her mother to ask them to come by their residences to help find an expensive lost pink pearl of a guest or find the person who took it. Once at the Bruce home, they meet those who are staying with the family. There is an American couple; the wife is the one who lost the pearl, a Mr. St. Vincent, Lady Barton, a cook, many maids, and a gentle the Bruce’s refer to as a socialist. Inspector Merritt helps out with the mystery as well. It’s a traditional, quick listen. I really enjoyed it.

Finessing the King
In this mystery, Tuppence is in the mood for dancing, and Tommy is testing his skills with a newspaper that seems to make changes in its paper title with each day. After reading this code in the paper,  “I should go – Three hearts, 12 tricks, Ace of Spades necessary to Finesse the King”, Tuppence decides they are going to the Ace of Spades for a costume party and dance. Once there they are drawn into murder and mayhem, and again Inspector Merritt is there to help out.

Both mysteries are a quick listen of about 40 minutes each. They are very traditional in the Christie style. James Warwick is a great narrator and does pretty well with the women’s voices. His voice is British, and he uses just the right dialect for timeline of these mysteries.

Since it is an audio, I must apologize if there are spelling mistakes in any of the names. 

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